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Monitoring of Danish Orchid Species

The National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) under the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy is responsible for the performance of the nationwide scheme 'Monitoring of Danish Orchid Species' which commenced in 1987. Forty-eight native orchid taxa are recorded in Denmark. Thirty-six taxa are currently monitored by yearly counts of flowering and vegetative plants.

The orchid populations are monitored either by volunteers or by professionals from the regional councils, the Forestry Commission, and the field stations under the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Two methods are primarily used for monitoring: 1) total counts of the entire population and 2) total counts of flowering and vegetative plants in fixed plots.

Since 1996 NERI has issued an annual report presenting the progress of the project and its results. The 1999 report will present the population fluctuation of the most common Danish orchid species. - Peter Wind, Department of Coastal Zone Ecology, National Environmental Research Institute, Kalø, Grenavej 14, DK-8410 Rønde, Denmark.

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