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Volume 1 of Genera Orchidacearum Published

We are pleased to report the publication of the first volume of Genera Orchidacearum, which aims to produce a robust and natural classification of the orchids, something which has eluded plant scientists and orchid enthusiasts for years. The editors incorporate the wealth of new molecular data into a truly phylogenetic classification and identify the areas and taxa needing additional work. To this end, they have invited several international specialists to contribute in their particular areas of expertise. This monographic series will be published in a total of five volumes over five or six years, with each volume providing comprehensive coverage of one or two orchid subfamilies. The series as a whole will be an indispensable reference tool for scientists and for orchid breeders, collectors, and growers.

This first volume begins with several general introductory chapters outlining the long history of the efforts to provide a scientific classification of the orchids: the history of orchid classification (by Finn Rasmussen), morphology (Phillip Cribb), anatomy and palynology (Alec Pridgeon), embryology (Mark Clements), seed morphology (Mia Molvray and Mark Chase), cytogenetics (Peter Brandham), and molecular systematics, parsimony, and orchid classification (Mark Chase).

Following these chapters are descriptions of subfamilies Apostasioideae and Cypripedioideae, which comprise approximately 150 species in seven genera, with contributions from John Atwood, Phillip Cribb, Tony Cox, Robert L. Dressler, Renee Grayer, Harold Koopowitz, Holger Perner, Alec Pridgeon, William Louis Stern, Nigel Veitch, and Jeffrey Wood. Comprehensive descriptions are provided for each of the genera, including the complete nomenclature and type citation, distribution, anatomy, palynology, embryology, cytogenetics, ecology, phenology and pollination, phytochemistry, phylogenetics, cultivation, economic uses, taxonomic notes, and a select bibliography. All genera are beautifully illustrated with a line drawing and colour photographs.

Volume 2, covering much of an expanded subfamily Orchidoideae, will soon be submitted for publication in September 2000. Contributors include, in alphabetical order, Christopher Bailes, Richard Bateman, Colin Bower, Mark Chase, Mark Clements, Phillip Cribb, Sid Cywes, Saverio D'Emerico, Renée Grayer, Steve Johnson, David Jones, Hubert Kurzweil, Peter Linder, Brian Molloy, Ruth Neiland, Alec Pridgeon, Helen Richards, Kim Steiner, Nigel Veitch, Louis Vogelpoel, Alex Widmer, and Jeffrey Wood.

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20 January 2000.
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