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Requests for Data

Himantoglossum hircinum

Information of the following types is requested for Himantoglossum hircinum toward a treatment in the Journal of Ecology: physiology, hybrids, animal feeders and parasites, plant parasites, diseases, seedling morphology, and pollination. Acknowledgements will be made on publication. Contact either Lynne Farrell, Scottish National Heritage, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh EH6 5NP Scotland, or Peter Carey, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Monks Wood, Abbots Ripton, Huntington, Cambs. PE17 2LS England.

Cypripedium calceolus

Fred J. Campbell (Stenbacksvagen 32, S-291 70 Kristianstad, Sweden) would appreciate any of the following data for Cypripedium: 1) status throughout Europe, including southern and eastern Europe; 2) monitoring results from large sites, including differences from year to year in total number of plants and percentage of flowering individuals; 3) statistics of single-flowered vs. double-flowered plants, with information on any plants with three flowers; 4) reports of completely yellow flowers (var. flavum); 5) height of plants; 6) population size; 7) pollination frequency, vectors; 8) environmental effects and threats; 9) reoccurrence after disturbance; 10) records of successful transplantation; 11) soil pH at individual sites.

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