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Malpig Genera

The Genera of Malpighiales

Euphorbiaceae sensu lato
Salicaceae (syn. Flacourtiaceae) and Achariaceae


When the Malpighiales Team at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, was initiated, the idea of an electronic key to the genera of these groups was born. Although Euphorbiaceae sensu lato is by far the largest group in Malpighiales, the existence of Genera Euphorbiacearum by Alan Radcliffe-Smith (who had already retired at this time) meant that there was a more or less standardised morphological description available for all genera.

Work on the DELTA Euphorbiaceae key started in 2002 and the first version of the key is available from the link on the left. Development of keys to other malpighialean families such as Achariaceae, Salicaceae, and Ochnaceae is in progress.

Anyone interested in developing and adding a comparable dataset of other families is invited to contact us at


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