III. Subfam. Ajugoideae Kostel. (1834).

Subfam. Teucrioideae (Dumort.) Caruel (1884).


Shrub, non-aromatic; stems sharply quadrangular; leaves opposite, petiolate, broadly ovate to subrotund, entire or irregularly lobed; inflorescence of small flowers, axillary, usually solitary (occasionally in tight, few-flowered cymes); calyx actinomorphic, not accrescent, 5-lobed; corolla white to pale blue, very small, 1-lipped with anterior lip present, 5-lobed, anterior lobe largest; stamens 4, didynamous, exserted, filaments arched, thecae divaricate, confluent at dehiscence; pollen operculate, with supratectal verrucae; ovary unlobed or very shallowly 4-lobed; stigma-lobes subequal; disc absent; nutlets obovoid, rugose, pubescent, glandular, attachment-scar lateral, 0.7x as long as nutlet; endosperm absent.  2n = 64.  One species, Teucridium parvifolium Hook. f., New Zealand.


Native to:

51 New Zealand


Teucridium Hook. f., Fl. Nov.-zel. 1: 203 (1853).

Species found in RBG Kew living collections

1992-1553 Teucridium parvifolium N DUNE   TH 9   :  TRO_N SEED 


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