VII. Subfam. Nepetoideae (Dumort.) Luerss. (1882).

VII. 2. Tribe Mentheae Dumort. (1827).

VII. 2. C. Subtribe Nepetinae Coss. & Germ. (1845).


Annual or perennial herbs, aromatic; leaves entire to bipinnate; inflorescence thyrsoid, cymes sessile, terminal, crowded into spike-like, usually unbranched heads; bracts, except sometimes the lowest, reduced, sometimes broadly ovate, coloured, or subulate, inconspicuous; bracteoles subulate, inconspicuous; calyx straight or weakly oblique, actinomorphic or 2-lipped, 5-lobed, lobes ovate-oblong to lanceolate, acute or attenuate into spinulose awns, sinuses between anterior teeth with swollen folds at base; corolla strongly 2-lipped, 5-lobed (2/3), white or blue-violet, posterior lip straight, anterior lip with median lobe flat or scarcely concave, entire to crenate, tube included or scarcely exserted from calyx, gradually widening above; stamens with anterior pair antrorsely bent, posterior pair arcuate-ascending under upper lip, thecae divergent at 90 or at an acute angle; stigma-lobes subequal; disc 4-lobed; nutlets oblong to elliptic, smooth, mucilaginous or not.  2n = 12.  Three species. Steppes of Southern Siberia, Mongolia and China.


Native to:

30 Siberia
31 Russian Far East
36 China
37 Mongolia
38 Eastern Asia


Schizonepeta (Benth.) Briq., in Engler & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. ed.1, 4, 3a: 235 (1896); Budantsev, Bot. Zhurn. 78, 2: 106-115 (1993).

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