V. Subfam. Scutellarioideae (Dumort.) Caruel (1884).


Low shrub; leaves opposite, petiolate, broadly ovate to orbicular, sinuate to sparsely crenate; inflorescence a terminal raceme; bracts present, reduced; bracteoles present; calyx 2-lipped, slightly accrescent, campanulate in flower, urceolate in fruit, lips entire, rounded, becoming appressed at maturity and enclosing nutlets, eventually dehiscent; corolla bluish purple, 2-lipped (2/3), tube straight; stamens barely exserted, thecae parallel, anther slit minutely ciliate; ovary shallowly lobed; disc well developed, symmetrical; nutlets dry, clavate, curved, glabrous, dorsal surface tuberculate, attachment scar lateral, 0.8x nutlet, with a vertical membranaceous outgrowth along one side; endosperm present; embryo spatulate.  One sp., Renschia heterotypica (S. Moore) Vatke, northern Somalia.


Native to:

24 Northeast Tropical Africa


Renschia Vatke, Linnaea 43: 94 (1881); Vollesen, Bot. Tidsskr. 70: 1-63 (1975).

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