Photos: de Kok, R.

Photo: de Kok, R.


IV. Subfam. Prostantheroideae Luerssen (1882).

Subfam. Chloranthoideae Briq. (1895).

Subfam. Chloranthoideae Briq. (1895).

Dicrastylidaceae Drummond ex Harvey (1855), nom. inval.

Verbenaceae tribe Viticeae subtribe Chloanthinae Benth. (1870).

Verbenaceae tribe Chloantheae Benth. (1895).

Stilbaceae subfam. Chloanthoideae Briq.: sensu Moldenke (1959).


IV. 2. Tribe Westringieae Bartl. (1830).

Tribe prostanthereae Benth. (1834).


Shrubs or subshrubs, rarely trees; branches and leaves usually strongly aromatic when crushed; branches mostly round in cross-section (except distal branchlets usually quadrangular in cross-section); leaves decussate, rarely ternate; inflorescence thyrsoid, with flowers either on leafy branches (hence appearing axillary) and part-inflorescences usually few-flowered or inflorescence terminal, leafy to bracteate, botryoidal or paniculate; bracteoles 2; calyx 2-lipped; corolla white, pale mauve, olivaceous, red, often pinkish, mid (metallic) blue-green, occasionally yellow, distinctly 2-lipped, 5-lobed (2/3), posterior lip erect to extended forward, anterior lip usually spreading, tube expanded in throat; stamens 4, anthers 2-thecous, with connective often elongated into a basal appendage; fruit of 4 mericarps, enclosed by calyx lobes, often with calyx closed by infolded anterior calyx lobe.  About 100 species all endemic to Australia.  Two sections have been recognized (Bentham 1870): Calyx-lobes unequal in length; corolla-tube short, broadly expanded distally; anterior lobe longer and more spreading than the erect posterior lobes; fruit enclosed by inwardly folded anterior calyx-lobe, posterior calyx-lobe usually recurved: Section Prostanthera.  Calyx-lobes equal in length; corolla-tube long, slightly expanded distally, corolla-lobes equal; fruit not enclosed by the calyx-lobes, anterior lobe recurved, posterior lobe usually directed forward: Section Klanderia (F. Muell.) Benth..  The species in sect. Prostanthera are pollinated by insects, whereas those of sect. Klanderia are bird-pollinated.


Native to:

50 Australia


Chilodia R.Br., Prodr.: 507 (1810).

Cryphia R.Br., Prodr.: 508 (1810).

Klanderia F.Muell., Linnaea 25: 426 (1853)., (1852).

Eichlerago Carrick, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 1: 115 (1977).


Prostanthera Labill., Nov. Holl. Pl. Sp. 2: 18 (1806); Conn, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 6: 207-348 (1984); Fl. S. Australia, 3: 1209-1219 (1986); Nuytsia 6: 351-411 (1988); Fl. New South Wales, 3: 646-662 (1992); Fl. Victoria, 4: 445-455 (1999).


Species found in RBG Kew living collections

1985-8646 Prostanthera cuneata Benth.  SMAJ  F 752 07   :  WAK_N GH 
1996-2676 Prostanthera cuneata Benth.  PENU   135 02 
1988-2277 Prostanthera lasianthos var. subcoriacea N LOCY   TRO_N SEED 
2000-5055 Prostanthera magnifica  KPBG   TH 16 
1949-39004 Prostanthera ovalifolia R.Br.    F TH 10   :  TH 16 
1988-1091 Prostanthera striatiflora F.Muell. N ADEL  F TH 16

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