Genera Incertae Sedis


Large tree, non-aromatic; leaves opposite, petiolate, pinnately compound, leaflets 11-19, alternate to subopposite, sessile to subsessile, elliptic to lanceolate, entire; inflorescence cymose, forming a large, terminal panicle; flowers small; calyx actinomorphic, not accrescent, 5-lobed; corolla whitish, zygomorphic, limb 5-lobed, anterior lobe largest, other 4 similar; stamens 2 fertile (posterior pair reduced to staminodes), included to slightly exserted, thecae parallel, separate at dehiscence; pollen tricolpate, tectate-perforate, suprarugulose; ovary unlobed; stigma-lobes equal or unequal; disc poorly developed to absent; fruit dry, globose, villous, 4-seeded, remaining intact or splitting irregularly into two or four mericarps, abscission scar as long as mericarp; endosperm absent.  One species: P. canescens Jack, in Thailand to Malaysia and W Indonesia


Native to:

41 Indo-China
42 Malesia


Peronema Jack, Malayan Misc. 2(7): 46 (1822).

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