III. Subfam. Ajugoideae Kostel. (1834).

Subfam. Teucrioideae (Dumort.) Caruel (1884).


Perennial herb or low shrub; stems sharply quadrangular; leaves opposite, sessile, linear to narrowly elliptical, entire, strongly revolute; inflorescence a tight axillary cyme of (1-) 3-5 flowers; calyx actinomorphic, not accrescent, 5-lobed, lobes subulate, apically recurved-uncinate; corolla white, zygomorphic, 5-lobed, anterior lobe largest; stamens 4, equal or didynamous, included to slightly exserted, filaments straight, thecae divaricate, confluent at dehiscence; pollen operculate, with supratectal verrucae; ovary shallowly 4-lobed; stigma-lobes equal; disc poorly developed; nutlets obovoid-trigonal, reticulately ridged, pubescent, glandular, attachment-scar lateral, 0.6x as long as nutlet; endosperm present.  One species, Oncinocalyx betchei F. Muell., eastern Australia (Queensland, New South Wales).


Native to:

50 Australia


Oncinocalyx F. Muell., S. Sci. Rec. 3: 69 (1883); Munir, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 14: 77-84 (1991).

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