VII. Subfam. Nepetoideae (Dumort.) Luerss. (1882).

VII. 2. Tribe Mentheae Dumort. (1827).

VII. 2. B. Subtribe Menthinae (Dumort.) Endl. (1838).


Subshrub, densely canescent with branched hairs; leaves toothed, glandular-punctate; inflorescence of 3-flowered sessile cymes in axils of bracts; bracts leaf-like; bracteoles linear, inconspicuous; calyx actinomorphic, subequally 5-lobed, lobes broadly triangular, tube 5-nerved and reticulately veined between nerves, broadly infundibuliform, glabrous within, except for hairy calyx-lobes; corolla blue, 2-lipped, 5-lobed (2/3), lobes rounded, posterior lip emarginate, flat, equalling or slightly shorter than 3-lobed anterior lip, median lobe of anterior lip larger than laterals, tube straight, widening above and scarcely exceeding calyx, annulate near mid-tube; stamens 4, usually all fertile, didynamous, posterior pair slightly shorter, anterior slightly exserted from corolla-tube, thecae slightly divergent, distinct; stigma-lobes subulate, flattened, subequal or anterior slightly longer; disc symmetrical;.  One species, N. leucophylloides Ramamoorthy, Hiriart & Medrano, Mexico, Hidalgo.  Open, calcareous hillside.


Native to:

79 Mexico


Neoeplingia Ramamoorthy, Hiriart & Medrano, Bol. Soc. Bot. Mexico 43: 61-65 (1982).

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