VI. Subfam. Lamioideae Harley (2003)

Subfam. Stachyoideae (Dumort.) Luerss. (1882); Briq. in Engl. & Prantl (1895) et auct. mult., p.p., typ. incl.

Subfam. Prasioideae (Benth.) Thomé (1889)

Subfam. Pogostemonoideae P.D. Cantino, Harley & Wagstaff in Harley & Reynolds (1992).


Subshrub, densely whitish pubescent with branched hairs; leaves petiolate, blade suborbicular; inflorescence racemoid; bracteoles minute, at base of pedicel; calyx 2-lipped, obconical, 5-lobed (3/2), lobes triangular, subacute, anterior much smaller than posterior, tube densely annulate with simple hairs; corolla strongly 2-lipped, 4-lobed (1/3), white, posterior lip long, hooded, bearded with simple hairs and densely pubescent outside; stamens not or only shortly exserted from corolla, thecae weakly distinct; stigma-lobes slightly unequal; nutlets rounded and with sessile glands at apex.  One sp., I. arabica O. Schwartz, in semi-desert, SE Yemen.


Native to:

35 Arabian Peninsula


Isoleucas O. Schwartz, Mitt. Inst. Allg. Bot. Hamburg 10: 223 (1939).

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