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Genera Incertae Sedis


Weak-stemmed perennial herb; leaves opposite, long-petiolate, cordate to suborbicular, crenate; inflorescence of axillary cymes, lax, long-pedunculate; calyx weakly 2-lipped, 5-lobed (3/2), obliquely attached to pedicel, not accrescent, campanulate, posterior lip larger than anterior, lobes triangular to triangular-ovate; corolla pink, 2-lipped (1/1), both lips unlobed, posterior lip very short, rounded, anterior lip spathulate, concave, tube cylindrical; stamens 4, didynamous (anterior pair longer), exserted, filaments inserted on upper lip at top of corolla-tube, straight, anthers apparently 1-thecal, laterally attached; pollen tricolpate, tectate-perforate, suprareticulate, columellae simple; ovary shallowly 4-lobed; stigma-lobes unequal; disc well developed, symmetrical, with a slender vertical column rising between the ovary lobes (to which the lobes are laterally attached); nutlets subglobose, obscurely trigonal, finely alveolate, glabrous, lustrous, abscission-scar lateral, 0.3x nutlet.  One species: H. longipedunculata S. Chow, China (Yunnan).


Native to:


36 China


Holocheila (Kudo) S. Chow, Acta Bot. Sin. 10: 250 (1962); Li Xi-wen and Hedge in Wu Zheng-yi and Raven (eds). Flora of China 17: 63 (1994).

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