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VII. Subfam. Nepetoideae (Dumort.) Luerss. (1882).

VII. 2. Tribe Mentheae Dumort. (1827).

VII. 2. B. Subtribe Menthinae (Dumort.) Endl. (1838).


Shrubs, strongly aromatic, frequently gynodioecious; leaves petiolate, crenate, dentate to subentire; inflorescence in compound, terminal or axillary, dichasial, pedunculate, few to many-flowered, often corymbiform cymes, lax or congested, in axils of leaf-like bracts, often forming spherical glomerules, often with solitary, terminal flower at lowest cyme-branch; bracts leaf-like; bracteoles inconspicuous, lowest sometimes leaf-like; calyx cylindrical-campanulate, ± actinomorphic, equally 5-lobed, lobes triangular-subulate, sometimes plumose, tube 10-nerved, often long-pilose, throat hairy; corolla white, pink or lilac, weakly 2-lipped, 5-lobed (2/3), posterior lip emarginate to 2-fid, anterior lip with median lobe broader, tube included in calyx; stamens 4, shorter than corolla, didynamous, anterior pair longer, spreading, filaments glabrous, thecae parallel or divergent, distinct, connective slightly dilated; stigma-lobes unequal to subequal, long-subulate, anterior lobe broader; disc symmetrical, reddish-orange; nutlets oblong-ovoid, smooth or finely tuberculate. 2n = 42, 48.  Seven species, endemic to Canary Is. and Madeira.  Mountain slopes and clearings.  Hybrids have been reported.  La Serna (1984) recognized two sections:  Sect. Bystropogon, flowers in dichasial cymes, calyces with lobes narrow, subulate, plumose, nutlets smooth, 4 spp. Canary Is.  Sect. Canariense La-Serna, flowers in congested glomerules, calyces with lobes short, triangular-acuminate, not plumose, nutlets somewhat tuberculate, 3 spp. Madeira and Canary Is.


Native to:

21 Macaronesia


Bystropogon L'Hér., Sert. Angl. 19, t. 22, 23 (1788), nom. cons.; La-Serna, Revisión del género Bystropogon. J.Cramer, Vaduz (1984), rev.

Species found in RBG Kew living collections

1988-8616 Bystropogon organifolius L'Her. N BURP 9 F TRO_N SEED


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