IV. Subfam. Prostantheroideae Luerssen (1882).

Subfam. Chloranthoideae Briq. (1895).

Subfam. Chloranthoideae Briq. (1895).

Dicrastylidaceae Drummond ex Harvey (1855), nom. inval.

Verbenaceae tribe Viticeae subtribe Chloanthinae Benth. (1870).

Verbenaceae tribe Chloantheae Benth. (1895).

Stilbaceae subfam. Chloanthoideae Briq.: sensu Moldenke (1959).


IV. 1. Tribe Chlorantheae Benth. & Hook. f. (1876).


Shrubs; branches round; indumentum of non-glandular stellate hairs and simple glandular hairs; leaves opposite or almost whorled; inflorescence a terminal dichasium, 1-7-flowered; flowers zygomorphic; calyx 5-lobed; corolla bluish purple with base more deeply coloured surrounding a yellow viscid centre, 2-lipped with lips widely spreading, 5-lobed (2/3), posterior lip 2-lobed, anterior lip 3-lobed, tube broadly expanded in throat, glabrous within; stamens 4, inserted near base of corolla, included, anthers dorsifixed near base; ovary unlobed; style terminal, with base becoming exceeded by developing fruit; stigma-lobes distinct; fruit separating into four 1-locular mericarps.  Two species, both endemic to Australia.


Native to:

50 Australia


Brachysola Rye, Nuytsia 13: 331-338 (2000).

Chloanthes sect. Brachysolenia F.Muell. (1876).

Pityrodia sect. Brachysolenia (F.Muell.) E.Pritz. (1904).

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