VI. Subfam. Lamioideae Harley (2003)

Subfam. Stachyoideae (Dumort.) Luerss. (1882); Briq. in Engl. & Prantl (1895) et auct. mult., p.p., typ. incl.

Subfam. Prasioideae (Benth.) Thomé (1889)

Subfam. Pogostemonoideae P.D. Cantino, Harley & Wagstaff in Harley & Reynolds (1992).


Annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs, with simple hairs; leaves usually narrow, ± toothed, petiolate or at least narrowed at base; inflorescence thyrsoid; calyx zygomorphic or almost actinomorphic, 5-10-lobed, lobes equal or variously unequal, usually ± spinose; corolla strongly 2-lipped, 4-lobed (1/3), white; posterior lip long, slightly hooded, outside ± densely pubescent; anterior lip slightly longer than the posterior lip; stamens included in corolla-tube, thecae confluent; style included in corolla-tube, hairy, obliquely entire at apex; nutlets trigonous, truncate or subtruncate and usually with sessile glands at apex. 2n = 26.  Six spp., dry places, South tropical and Southern Africa.


Native to:

27 Southern Africa


Acrotome Benth. ex Endl., Gen. Pl. 1: 627 (1838); Codd, Fl. Southern Africa 28, 4: 19-23 (1985).

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