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Malesian Key Group

Interactive Key to Malesian Seed Plants

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The Malesian Key Group
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The Malesian Key Group would like to thank:

The Darwin Intiative - Sponsors of the Papuan Plant Diversity Project

DELTA - Les Watson and Mike Dallwitz.

NHN Leiden University - Prof. Dr. P. Baas.

RBG Kew - Dr. W. Baker, M. Coode, Dr. J. Dransfield.

Our thanks to Linda Gurr for drawings of the characters in the key and to Andre Schuiteman for help with design of the CD booklet. We would also like to thank the many staff at Kew and Leiden herbaria who kindly gave their time to check the information in the key and who provided us with many of the colour photographs.

Sponsors of the Papuan Plant Diversity Project DELTA INTKEY Angiosperm Plant Families


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