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Malesian Key Group

Interactive Key to Malesian Seed Plants

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The Malesian Key Group
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The Malesian Key Group

The 'Interactive Key to Malesian Seed Plants' is the work of the Malesian Key Group, which is a collaboration between partners at the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland Leiden and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew .

NHN Leiden - Max van Balgooy, Jeannette Ridder, Colin Ridsdale.
RBG Kew - Damien Hicks, Don Kirkup, Rogier de Kok, Tim Utteridge.

This is a continuing long term project and we welcome comments and contributions so that we can improve and update our key. We are particularly interested in good pictures of South-East Asian plants. Ideally we would like to have a picture of each genus from the Flora Malesiana region. All contributions will of course be fully acknowledged.

All updates to the key will be made available through this website, also accessible via the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland Leiden site at


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