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Kew scientists feature in the Google Stories advert...

11 November 2013
The 2013 Google Stories campaign tells the story of how Kew's Africa Drylands team discovered new species of plants and animals in this previously unknown paradise of Mount Mabu in Mozambique.

Dr. Julian Bayliss: The Lost Forest of Mount Mabu

Scientist Jonathan Timberlake from Kew’s Africa Drylands team features in the Google Stories advertising campaign telling the story of the discovery of Mount Mabu in Mozambique.

In 2008 Jonathan led an expedition to Mount Mabu that hit the headlines after project partner Julian Bayliss used Google Earth to identify the location as a new area of exploration. Among other first time finds the expedition led to the discovery of many exotic plants, including a rarely seen orchid, three new species of butterfly and a previously undiscovered species of forest adder. The team brought back over 500 plant specimens to record in Kew's Herbarium.

Jonathan said, 'Kew is very proud to have played a part in helping to highlight Mount Mabu and we hope the interest in Mabu will lead to Mozambique’s mountain forests receiving greater recognition and protection.

'Our next expedition in Mozambique will take us to the Chimanimani Mountains on the western border with Zimbabwe. It is important that we explore these mountains further as they are home to many endemic plant species that they do not occur anywhere else in the world. If these plants are lost from the Chimanimani Mountains, we lose them forever.'

The ‘Google Stories’ ad campaigns focus on people who have used Google products to achieve extraordinary things.

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