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Web resource to aid Atlantic Forest restoration

A new online database provides information about which species can be used to restore Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia, Brazil.
Photo of Atlantic Forest / caatinga vegetation

In collaboration with the Universidade Federal de Recôncavo da Bahia and other local partners, and with support from Rio Tinto, Kew has produced The South Eastern Bahia Atlantic forest database, an online information database and species selection tool for restoration of Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia, Brazil.

The database was compiled from extensive botanical inventories, quantitative surveys of secondary forest vegetation, interviews with local stakeholders and consultation with restoration practitioners. Species in the database are prioritised as most suitable for restoration using criteria from the framework species method (Elliot et al., 2013) and are those of most local interest for provision of shade, timber, economy or other ecosystem service.

The species selection tool can be used to search for species fulfilling local requirements (e.g. elevation, soil type), and returned species pages, in English and Portuguese, provide images, ecological information, sources of seed or seedlings and instructions for germination, propagation and use for restoration.

The web resource is suitable for restoration practitioners working either locally or in the wider Atlantic Forest region.


Elliot, S., Blakesley, D. & Hardwick, K. (2013). Restoring Tropical Forests: A Practical Guide. Kew Publishing.

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