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Nature bursting into flower at Wakehurst Place

Wakehurst Place is growing a wild flower meadow as part of the Grow Wild project.
Wildflower meadow at Wakehurst Place
Wild flowers from the Grow Wild project

A new floral project is flourishing in the warm weather and producing a riot of native colour.

In the Upper Walled Nursery at Wakehurst, the Grow Wild area is an ambitious mass-participation campaign to inspire individuals and communities to engage with the huge range and variety of UK native wild flowers.

Over four years, the project will distribute one million seed kits across the UK to help people sow native wild flower seeds in their communities and at home.

At Wakehurst the display shows the mixture of seed that will be available in the seed kits to be distributed across the UK. 

Jo Wenhan, Wakehurst’s Plant Propagation and Conservation Unit manager, oversees the display and has been impressed by the bold blooms the meadow has produced.

“This area makes me smile every morning. With wildflowers the rewards are endless, you get an amazingly vivid display of colour, buzzing wildlife, you're doing your bit for biodiversity and they put a smile on your face. The grow wild display at Wakehurst Nursery just shows what can be achieved in a matter of months in your own back yard.”



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