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Kew today - Last chance to see the 250th anniversary roundabout in flower at Kew Gardens

There are only two weeks left to catch this masterpiece at Kew Gardens. Our Decorative Nursery propagator Dave Shipp created this floral roundabout to celebrate Kew's 250th anniversary.

Detail from Kew's 250th anniversary roundabout

Dave Shipp, Decorative Nursery propagator, RBG Kew

There are only two weeks left to catch the masterpiece that Dave Shipp (Kew's Decorative Nursery propagator), laid out on the roundabout at the beginning of the Broad Walk, at Kew Gardens.

Located near Victoria Gate and Kew's iconic Palm House, Dave created this colourful garden feature to celebrate Kew’s 250th anniversary.

Dave has used Sedum 'Gold Mound', Alternanthera lehmannii 'E-Green' and Alternanthera lehmanii 'O Yellow Green Betti'  to replicate Kew’s anniversary logo, and has interplanted with Verbena 'Aublieta Perfecta' and Senecio cineraria ‘Silver Dust.’

Dave has just spent three weeks in Southern Africa studying the flora of Namaqualand. This has given him lots of inspiration for his design of the Palm House Parterre for next year's celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity.

Over the next few weeks Kew's anniversary roundabout and the Palm House Parterre will be planted up with winter bedding, also propagated by Dave Shipp.

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9 October 2009
I saw this when I came to visit Kew earlier this year. It's just lovely and I would recommend it to any garden lover.