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Kew is a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge Award

Kew is a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge Award, with a chance to win £500,000
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Kew has today been announced as a finalist in the 2014 Google Impact Challenge UK, which will award funding to 10 charitable projects using innovative technology to change the world.

We are seeking funding jointly with Oxford University to develop an innovative data recording and management toolkit to map disease-bearing mosquitoes, using acoustic sensors – wearable in a wristband or downloadable in a phone app – to detect and identify the mosquitoes to species level via their unique wing-beat. Alongside this crowd-sourced data, we will use remote sensing and satellite imaging of the surrounding vegetation to create a detailed picture of how mosquitoes interact with humans and the landscape.

The lack of precise, and real-time, mapping tools can often render mosquito control programmes ineffective. This project will help to take mapping to a new level of sophistication and give health agencies the opportunity to modify and refine vector control programmes to prevent the spread of deadly diseases including malaria, dengue fever and many others.

After receiving hundreds of first stage applications, Google has shortlisted Kew and nine other finalists, who will each receive a minimum of £200,000. Four of the finalists will win a grant of £500,000 – and one of these will be chosen by public voting.

To learn more about the project and cast a vote for Kew, go to the Google Impact Challenge website, and please spread the word on Twitter and Facebook – every vote will count!

 The Google Impact Challenge

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