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Don't miss Kew's scarlet maple turning red this autumn

The scarlet maple at Kew Gardens turns from yellow to orange to red, branch by branch. Autumn colours can be seen at Kew Gardens until early December.

Scarlet maple (Acer rubrum) turning red this autumn at Kew Gardens

The scarlet maple (Acer rubrum) comes from the North Eastern United States. This tree thrives in all types of soil, from dry to swampy.

It earns its place in any garden for the length and diversity of its autumn foliage, as it turns from yellow to orange to red, branch by branch.  This process of change can sometimes begin as early as August and continue through to early November.

A collection of scarlet maples can be found along the Princess Walk at Kew Gardens, between White Peaks and the Xstrata Treetop Walkway.

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