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Book of the month - Overleaf

Overleaf is a delightful and beautiful book dedicated to foliage with stunning botanical paintings and thought-provoking text.
Cover of Overleaf

About the book

Overleaf is a unique celebration of foliage.

Susan Ogilvy’s 74 delicate and delightful paintings are a study of that most obvious but smallest distinct part of a tree – the leaf.

The paintings of both sides of the leaves of 37 trees found across the temperate regions of Europe and North America are uncluttered and beautiful portraits.

Richard Ogilvy’s thought-provoking text reflects on the wonderful, detailed complexity of our woodlands and forest. For each tree he has penned a concise portrait - how it relates to the environment, how big it grows, how fast it grows and where, the dependent birds, insects and fungi, the mythology, and the uses we make of its timber.

This beautiful book makes a perfect gift or keepsake for lovers of botanical art as well as those immersed in the world of trees and woodlands.

See more images from the book

Some of the paintings from the book will be exhibited in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art at Kew from 15 January to August 2014.

About the authors

Richard Ogilvy is a forester with a dilettante streak having been at various times a barman, market gardener, whole food shop proprietor, disc-jockey, boomerang maker and youth leader while still pursuing a forestry career. He lives in Scotland where he has had a hand in planting some 150 million trees.

Susan Ogilvy’s work has been shown in the Ashmolean Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and the Royal Horticultural Society, and she holds Gold and Silver-Gilt Medals from the Royal Horticultural Society. Susan is married to Richard’s brother, a naval pilot, and has been painting since practicing art therapy when an occupational therapist.


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7 February 2014
Beautiful work, works of art looks so real, I wasn't sure if I was interested because of the realism (Photograph) I'm into like Botanical art etc. I'm really interested in it now - keep up the good work.
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