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Twelve new Nepenthes from the Philippines

Examination of herbarium specimens of Nepenthes from the Philippines leads to the description of 12 new species in a year.
Photo of Nepenthes ultra

The Flora Malesiana account for Nepenthaceae (2001) only recognised 12 species from the Philippines. This number doubled during the next 10 years and, in working towards a world monograph of Nepenthes, Matthew Jebb and Martin Cheek published 12 additional species in 2013 — all discovered from herbarium specimens. Examination of Kew specimens of what had been considered one species, Nepenthes alata, in Luzon, resulted in the delimitation of two clear-cut taxa, suggesting that a closer look at material from other islands in the Philippine archipelago was in order. Study of specimens loaned from other herbaria revealed taxa unknown to science. No other Nepenthes specialists had ever seen most of these specimens, yet several had been collected around 100 years ago. The Philippines now exceeds Sumatra and Borneo in species diversity for Nepenthes, yet most are at risk of extinction from habitat destruction.

Item from Dr Martin Cheek (Head of the Africa Wet Tropics team, RBG Kew)


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