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Reflections on a year at Kew

Marc Muller
12 September 2013
Read Library Graduate Trainee Marc Muller's final blog post as he leaves Kew to begin a Masters course in Librarianship

One short year - that is the time in which I have learned so much about the work done in a library and its essential place in ensuring that information is kept, distributed and displayed to entice the mind of the reader and encourage them to learn.

I will miss everyone who has helped me this year in Library, Art & Archives and will miss the work - from cataloguing interesting new books published across the world and adding them to Kew’s growing library collection, to helping readers locate information and ensuring they have a memorable and positive experience using the Reading Room. I also had fun creating eye catching displays of new books to entice readers. 

The Library, Art & Archives Reading Room

Kew provided me with a wonderful range of opportunities and insights which I can put towards a career in libraries. I have had the chance to visit some of the most interesting collections in the UK, including the BFI Southbank Reuben Library , the Natural History Museum Library and the London Library . The work has taught me how important it is to maintain and develop these collections, in both physical and digital forms. Encouraging people to indulge their curiosity - whether it is about old herbals, new botanical developments, or even family history - ensures that the work of a librarian (in training) is never dull.

An especial highlight was working with the Archives Graduate Trainee on a display on the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and his contact with Kew .

I’m now headed for a Masters course in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield to build on the invaluable experience I’ve gained at Kew.

- Marc -


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