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Lunchtime talk in the landscape

Caroline Cartwright
29 June 2010

Caroline Cartwright, Senior Scientist at the British Museum gives a talk in the South Africa Landscape.

I’ve just given a lunchtime talk in the South Africa Landscape “Caves, people and plants: recent scientific discoveries” to an enthusiastic crowd of people. After a few nervous glances at the sky - in case we were about to be deluged - I tried to paint a picture of life in caves in the south-western Cape around 60,000 years ago. Life wasn’t that bad then – living off crayfish and eland steaks (if you were lucky in fishing and hunting)!

Image copyright of Caroline Cartwright: restios growing in the fynbos in the Cape 

Many of the audience had visited South Africa, particularly Cape Town, the Garden Route and the Kruger National Park. Everyone seemed thrilled to see the proteas – thank goodness you found them, Steve and Richard. There were questions about restios growing in the wild and I was able to show a good example in this image.

My next talk on plants in the South Africa Landscape will be on Tuesday 24 August when I will concentrate on the amazing fynbos vegetation which is so typical of the Cape.

- Caroline -

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