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Inside the world of Kew magazine

Christina Harrison
1 March 2010
Blog team: 
The spring issue is now out but we're knee-deep in summer already. Find out what's in the Spring Issue of Kew magazine and how the magazine is put together.

It may only be the first week of March but the writing and designing of articles for the summer issue of Kew magazine is now in full swing. Biodiversity is, of course, our theme with 2010 being the International Year of Biodiversity (this is fairly easy as the conservation of biodiversity is one of Kew’s main aims).

We’ve got some great articles about how Kew’s work around the world is helping to conserve threatened plant species and habitats. We’ll be taking a look at how the fabulous Palm House parterre design is put together, from research to propagation to planting. There will be tips for encouraging biodiversity in your own garden, and I can also promise cute dormice.

We have a small but well-oiled machine of a team here that put the magazine together. This includes myself, who thinks up the ideas for the issue, commissions the articles and tries to pull it all together (while drinking endless cups of coffee), our designer who comes up with a new and interesting design for every feature and gathers fantastic images together, and our chief sub-editor who checks every fact, thinks up the intriguing titles and captions, and makes everything fit on the page so beautifully.

Every issue also goes before our editorial board – a group of very knowledgeable people at Kew who give up their time to share their wisdom (and partake in biscuits) to talk about what goes into the next magazine and what might interest you, the reader, most. We’re always knee-deep in the next issue before the current one comes out, and working one to two seasons ahead – that’s the confusing world of magazine publishing for you.

Speaking of which, the spring issue of Kew magazine hits the shelves on 3 March – I do hope you like it. There’s

something for everyone – from clambering through jungles to find new species to taking a stroll through Kew’s Japanese cherries and wild flowers, we try to cover the huge range of Kew’s work and collections.

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