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#AskArchivists Day with Kew, 9 June 2011

Kiri Ross-Jones
6 June 2011
Kiri explains how her team will be taking part in the international twitter event #AskArchivists Day and how you can tweet the team your questions.

What is #AskArchivists Day?

#AskArchivists Day is an international twitter event happening on 9 June 2011, in which Kew's archivists will be taking part. The event encourages the public to use twitter to ask archivists questions and is similar to the #askacurator day held in September 2010. This is the first #AskArchivists Day to be held and many archives from all over the world will be taking part.

The day gives you the chance to ask archivists anything! You can ask questions about items held in the collection, the history of an organisation, how to become an archivist, what an archivist does etc. Remember though, as you will be using twitter to ask these questions, you will need to limit them to 140 characters! 

How to ask Kew's archivists questions

First, you will need a twitter account. You can sign up to twitter here. It’s free and easy to use. 

Once you have signed up, you will need to tweet us, using the @ sign e.g. "@KewGardens – How big are your archives? #AskArchivists". If you already follow @KewGardens on twitter, you can click the 'mention' or 'reply' options to tweet us.

If you include the #AskArchivists tag, everyone following the event can see your question and the answer.

What subjects will be covered?

You can ask us anything you want about our collections or about what we do in the Library, Art and Archives here at Kew. Examples include: 

  • What we hold in our collections
  • Tracing your botanist/horticulturalist ancestor
  • What an archivist does
  • How you can access our collections
  • Our digitisation project
  • How you can find out about the history of Kew Gardens

We look forward to hearing from you on Thursday 9 June!


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