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Your iPad as a window on Kew

Christina Harrison
15 March 2013
Blog team: 
Our spring issue of Kew magazine is out now, and it's not on its own due to the magazine going all appy on iTunes.

We’ve been working hard to get Kew magazine available on your iPad and other tablets, and I'm pleased to announce that there is now a new ‘app’ or digital version of Kew magazine available via iTunes. 'Hurrah!' I hear you cry. I have to say it’s turned out much better than we’d ever hoped – which is always a relief.

Not only have we got one-touch links to slideshows, films, blogs and plant profiles, but you can now very easily link through to browse the Kew shop and to buy tickets for events such as Kew the Music, all from one place. You can even email from the app should you want to book a place on a course. There will also be access to Kew’s Twitter and Facebook pages. We’re really hoping that readers find it an enriching experience bringing all parts of Kew together in one place. Shame it’s not scratch and sniff too but we’ll just have to wait for that technology.

If you’re a Friend of Kew you can access this new app magazine for free. That’s right – FREE! If you’re not a Friend (and why not?) you can buy individual issues or a subscription for a bargain price of £3.99 or £10.99 respectively (less than half the price of a print subscription). Once you've got the free 'Kew magazine' app downloaded from iTunes, all you have to do is enter your name and membership number in the My Account section and you're away.

Download the Kew magazine app from the iTunes newsstand

If you have already downloaded the spring issue please refresh as we've had some technical difficulties with the Kew Magazine app.

What's in the issue?

As I write this, the temperature is just above freezing and spring still seems a fair way off, but even so the Gardens are starting to fill with snowdrops, cyclamen and narcissi. These brave little flowers are a beacon of hope that warmer weather will eventually turn up and that we’ll get some sunshine this year. I’m really looking forward to spring and am itching to get into my garden and veg plot. In our spring issue Wakehurst’s garden manager Chris Clennett takes us on a tour of the best Erythronium to see in both gardens, and reveals how best to look after them. I’m sure I’m going to be buying some of these woodland garden jewels for my shady patch very soon.

We also have great features on the beautiful dragon tree (Paulownia kawakamii), the Rapunzel flower (Phyteuma spicatum) and the food of the gods – chocolate (Theobroma cacao). It’s starting to sound like a fairy tale issue!

Read our feature about Kew's work to conserve the Rapunzel flower

Behind the scenes with Kew science

On a more serious note we also delve into the problem of how climate change is going to affect both wild coffee species and coffee plantations. It’s a real reminder of how the health of our crops depends on the genetic diversity found in their wild relatives. You can read about current research from Kew and watch an exclusive interview with head of coffee research Dr Aaron Davis about this work on the app.

For lots more about what’s in the issue take a look at the contents pages and two of our features here. If you’re a Friend of Kew please do download our app and try out all the extra features. There’s a lot in there, so give it a go. Enjoy!




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3 April 2013
Thanks very much for your comment Louise, it's great to hear feedback. If anyone has any more feedback or would like guidance on how to download or log on to the app please email us at either or We're happy to help.
2 April 2013
The new app is brilliant. I can leave my magazine at my father in law's for him to read while I have my portable copy on my iPad. It also means I'm more likely to read more as my iPad goes everywhere with me! Well done for this & thank you.
28 March 2013
It appears we've had some technical difficulties with the Kew magazine app. If you have already downloaded the spring issue please refresh this to get the latest version with the full range of features and lots of great content – including a film interview with coffee expert Aaron Davis, an interview with Jared Diamond and all the latest news and features and a diary of What's On at Kew and Wakehurst this spring. We apologise for this technical hitch! Our production partners are aware of the problem.

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