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Soya and the Cerrado

William Milliken
27 July 2011
Blog team: 
Watch the video and discover how consumer choice can make a difference to conservation in the Brazilian savannas. Find out how Kew is playing a role.

The Cerrado savannas of central Brazil, sometimes known as the ‘Amazon’s forgotten cousin’, are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Tremendously important for their biodiversity and the ecosystem services they provide, these fragile habitats are being cleared wholesale for agriculture – particularly for soya production.

Kew is collaborating with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and WWF in a programme designed to raise the profile of the Cerrado, increase public awareness of the importance of its conservation, and inform consumers of the potential impact of their food consumption.

The video footage of the Cerrado shown in this film by the Forgotten Forests project, run by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, was shot by Kew's Tropical America Team during a recent expedition to Brazil.


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