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New year, new look!

Christina Harrison
3 March 2012
Blog team: 
Kew magazine is changing – we thought you might like a peek at our brand new design and what's inside the spring issue.

The past few months have, by turns, been exciting, nerve-wracking, tense and very busy. This is not a comment on my family Christmas and New Year but rather the fact that as a team we have been completely redesigning Kew magazine. We’ve spent the past few months working to make the magazine better for you - the readers - as well as making it serve Kew better too. The past week has been particularly eventful as we’ve just sent all our final files off to press.

New look

The new design is clean, sleek and contemporary and now looks very much a part of Kew. Our designer has done sterling work to meet our very finicky standards, and hasn’t lost his rag once (well, not that I know of anyway). We’ve still got all our great features and columns, news pages and wonderful photography. We’re also being that bit more sustainable and will be switching to FSC paper (rather than PEFC paper as now), and we still have our degradable packaging.

You may have heard that Kew’s membership has been changing so this seemed the best time to also bring Kew magazine bang up to date and help welcome in all our new members.

The new look Kew magazine - spring 2012 

Value for money

Another big change is that we’re now only publishing three times a year – in spring, summer and autumn. We know that we can bring you plenty of great stories in three issues, while the money that would have contributed to the fourth issue will be used directly by the Kew Foundation for vital Kew projects. That means more of your membership or subscription money goes directly to Kew’s work.

We hope to make more of our pages on the web so we do hope you’ll keep in touch with us here in between issues. Kew magazine will now come out in March, June and October. 

What’s in the spring issue?

In the spring issue we’ve got some great behind-the-scenes features. We take a look at the wonderful range of Narcissus at Kew and give you some tips on how to grow them in your garden. We meet up with Sir David Attenborough as he finishes filming at Kew for the new 3D TV series by Atlantic Productions (for Sky 3D). He talks to us about how he thinks the new series will inspire people everywhere about the wonders of plants.

We also head into the steamy forests of Ecuador to find some very peculiar mushroom-mimicking orchids that specialise in tricking their pollinators. And, as always, we bring you the best of the International Garden Photographer of the Year – at Kew from March until early April.

Kew magazine’s purpose, as ever, is to bring you the best and most interesting stories about what’s going on at Kew – the science and conservation, the collections, the archives, meeting people behind the scenes, exploring the exhibitions and festivals, and most of all, enjoying the wonderful plants that grow at Kew and Wakehurst.

We hope you’ll like the new design, the spring issue is out on 9 March.



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