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Last chance to enter IGPOTY 2011

Philip Smith
21 November 2011
Blog team: 
Have you entered IGPOTY 2011 yet? If not, time is running out. Here, Philip Smith tells you everything you need to know, together with a run through of next year's exhibitions.

Excitement is rising as the last of the entries come in from all over the world. This year's IGPOTY competition is open until midnight 30 November - so not long to go now...

'Kenrokuen Gardens'. The first IGPOTY winner 2008 (Image: Claire Takacs)

Last chance to enter

This year we have lots of wonderful awards - £5000 for the top prize plus many other cash and other prizes. Also, any photographer who does not win a prize can ask for an expert critique of their entries.

Do you want to be part of it?

Are you thinking of taking part for the first time?

Wondering how to enter?

If you're worried about anything technical then please just drop us an email to

Exhibitions in 2012

There will be a suitably stunning exhibition opening in the Nash Conservatory at Kew Gardens from 1 March 2012.

Next year we will also have IGPOTY exhibitions in Cumbria, Exeter, Ironbridge Shropshire, Winchester, Falkirk and Chelsea Physic Garden. In addition we will be going overseas to the New York Botanical Garden and the Sydney Botanic Garden, Australia.

We invite you to be part of this exciting and life-enhancing project!

Good luck!

- Philip -


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