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Join in the survey and tell us your views!

Christina Harrison
21 September 2010
Blog team: 
Earlier this month we launched a reader survey for Kew magazine and I thought you might like to hear how it's going.

There have been some fabulous comments so far – thank you very much – and some interesting points on things you want to see more of and less of! We are reading all your comments and taking them seriously so if you haven't already done so please do get involved in shaping the Kew magazine of the future.

So far we've discovered that you love the behind-the-scenes features but some of you want to see 'more botany and fewer botanists'! Poor botanists! Do you agree with this?

Some people have requested to see more on how to grow plants, especially the unusual ones. Some of you would like more plant science overall although there is severe disagreement between you on whether we should make it easier to understand or include more scientific detail. 

Please join the debate!


Many of you would like more on economic plants, more on botanical art and on history. Some of you have mentioned the wish for the return of some of the regular features that appeared a few years ago and we're certainly looking into that.

So as you can imagine there is going to be plenty for us to discuss in the magazine office over the next few months. You might not see immediate changes but this is all important information to help us create the magazine that you want over the next year and help us to get the message to everyone that plants matter.

We're interested in hearing from everyone – so spread the word – even if you've only picked up a single copy of Kew magazine. The survey is open until the end of October, and don't forget you can also bag yourself the prize of a copy of The Art of Plant Evolution by Dr Shirley Sherwood.

Thank you.

- Christina -

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