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Download some delicious weekend reading

Christina Harrison
22 August 2013
Blog team: 
The Kew magazine summer iPad app is packed with IncrEdible plant stories, bonus features and recipes. Download it today, enjoy a good read, and then come along to Kew to make the most of the final weeks of the summer IncrEdibles festival.

Get your summer issue now

 The Kew magazine summer issue is still on sale with features on bromeliads, herbs, edible flowers, wild yams, and trees that taste of onions! Remember that if you download our app edition you’ll also have access to four bonus features about delicious edible plants, and some great recipes too. Lavender and hazelnut biscotti anyone? Why not take a look at what’s in the summer issue now and download it for some fascinating weekend reading?

The summer issue is available on iPad

Preparing for autumn

While most people are still enjoying what's left of the summer, I'm focusing on putting the finishing touches to our autumn issue and pulling together lots of exciting extras to add to our app edition, both of which will be published on 27 September. When you're surrounded by images of autumn every day sometimes it's a surprise to go outside and not see the leaves falling!

We have some great photography to accompany our articles in this coming issue. There are some stunning shots of the giant willow sculptures along the Broad Walk and some breathtaking images of Wakehurst’s birch collection, as well as our pick of the best entries from this year’s International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. Here are two beautiful images, which we couldn't fit into our feature but you'll be able to see in the forthcoming Kew exhibition. 


Waterlily House Window by Anthony Wallis, which won 2nd place in the Beauty of Plants category


Bountiful Earth, IGPOTY competition

Plenty for everyone by Alan Price, which gained third prize in the Bountiful Earth category

Upcoming features

It's always a busy and exciting time finishing off the pages of a new issue and hoping that all our readers will find something of real interest to them when it lands on their doorsteps. I think one of my favourite features in the autumn issue is our plant profile on juniper (Juniperus communis). You may think that this is a dull little conifer usually seen at the back of old rock gardens, but Kew’s Richard Wilford brings this British native species to life and reminds us that this familiar tree is of real use to us and is actually endangered in our countryside. The feature even includes a quote from Monty Python's Life of Brian, and that can only be a good thing!

Dark green berries growing on Juniperus communis, common juniper

Juniper berries give gin its distinctive flavour.

Behind the scenes at the Fungarium

I also really enjoyed going behind the scenes with Kew's Fungarium team. The autumn phase of Kew's IncrEdibles festival, which will start on 2 September, will feature lots of fungi so we wanted to reveal the science and research going on into these fascinating organisms. Kew has several fungi experts and it was great to meet them and shine a light on the important work they are doing. Fungi outnumber plants by six to one and most plants depend on fungi to help them absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Yet fungi receive much less attention and research than plants.

Kew has one of the world's largest collections of fungi specimens, numbering an astonishing 1.25 million, and we managed to get some great photographs for our feature of a few of the edible species here and the people who work with them.

Head of mycology, Bryn Dentinger, shows us one of the 1.25 million specimens in Kew's Fungarium (copyright: John Millar)

Artist Tom Hare who created the stunning fungi sculptures on the Broad Walk (see our previous post) worked closely with the Fungarium team to choose the fungi he wanted to recreate, and to get the details of the sculptures right. On UK Fungus Day on 13 October you can come and visit Kew's Fungarium or take part in other fascinating fungi events.

Remember, you can find all the events at Kew and Wakehurst listed in the What's On pages at the back of the magazine. Another great reason to get your copy today!



Visit the IncrEdibles festival at Kew Gardens

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