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Are you an alpine lover?

Christina Harrison
18 November 2010
Blog team: 
It's winter issue time and this season our horticultural sights are set on some tiny mountain gems.

It's not long now and the winter issue of Kew magazine will be out, delivered to all the Friends of Kew and available, bright and fresh, on the stands in Kew's shops. When you see the stunning cover you'll know that one of the main articles is about those little gems of the plant world – alpines.

             Massonia pustulata, Image: Richard Wilford

Alpines are the plants we can rely on to brighten the winter season. Kew's manager of alpine collections, Richard Wilford, is the author of a new book from Kew publishingAlpines, from mountain to garden, which is a treasure trove of information about alpines from all corners of the globe. In the winter issue, Richard has written a feature for us on how many of the familiar alpine species were first discovered and picks eight of his favourites, which you could try at home too. The book and the feature are packed with fab images. There's also a special offer for Kew magazine readers – so do take a look.

Dionysia aretioides, Image: Richard Wilford

Whether you get hold of the book or not – why not come and enjoy the wonderful displays in the Davies Alpine House, Rock Garden and nearby Woodland Garden at Kew this winter? Many visitors make a bee-line for this area to see the wide variety of species – from stunners such as the many snowdrops, Pulsatilla, Erythronium and saxifrages, to the truly bizarre such as the Massonia and Arum species there. Do make time to head in that direction on your next visit.  



Kew magazine is available from all the Kew shops. You can also subscribe to a print or digital edition.

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