Wollemi pine with seeds

UK's first Wollemi pines from seed

In 2011 seed I collected from Wollemi pines growing at Kew were germinated in our Arboretum nursery, producing dozens of seedlings. Now, two years, on we have lots of new young plants to add to our collections.

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Battling the weather to get the right shot

We've had an interesting day today; not only have we spent most of the day photographing willow artist Tom Hare and his team (a joy in itself), but we've had to dodge thunder, lightning, heavy rain and then bright, fiercely hot sunshine.

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Summer cereals at Kew

Kew's Grass Garden has a comprehensive display of cereals from around the world - grains such as wheat, barley, sorghum and millet - and now is the best time to come and see them.

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Highlights of an autumn visit to Kew Gardens in 2013

Autumn at Kew Gardens this year looks set to be even more colourful than usual. The ever-popular pumpkins will be returning and our IncrEdibles festival will be shifting into its autumn phase with the opportunity to learn all about fascinating fungi and much more.

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Have you caught Olympic Fever?

If you've got a bad case of Olympic Fever why not head to Kew to continue to enjoy the spirit of the Games with the wonderful representations of the Olympic Rings and Paralympic logo in flower form? You can also see some of the tallest, oldest, fastest, weirdest and most beautiful plants on the planet right here.

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Come on a fungal foray at Kew

At this time of year there are some very special appearances in Kew Gardens. Why not come on a fungal foray to discover some weird and wonderful new friends.

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The Earth laughs in flowers*

Philip Smith talks through his favourite photos from this year's International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, on display at Kew Gardens.