Photo of Finn Michalak collecting seeds in New Zealand

Seed collecting programme starts in New Zealand

A seed collecting expedition in Titahi Bay, New Zealand, marks the beginning of an extensive collecting programme that the New Zealand Indigenous Flora Seed Bank Group will conduct in partnership with RBG Kew.

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Rory McEwen - The Colours of Reality

A new exhibition at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art showcases botanical illustration from artist Rory McEwen, along with his other artistic talents.

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Bringing Kew's Archive Alive

In this guest blog from the Trading Consequences team, find out how digital data produced by Kew's Directors' Correspondence team is being brought to life and can be used to visualise the British Empire's 19th Century trade networks

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Awards Success!

It was a cold day on Thursday but well worth the trip into central London to attend the annual Garden Media Guild Awards at a plush hotel near Grosvenor Square. All fingers and toes were crossed...

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Your Gate to the Gardens

The recent renaming of the Main Gate has had the Archives team thinking about the importance of the Kew gates in the Gardens' history.