Discover Kew app

Download our app to access maps, audio content, fascinating facts and to reveal more about your surroundings on your visit to Kew Gardens and Wakehurst.

Discover Kew

The Discover Kew app enhances your visit and adds an extra dimension to your experience in the Gardens. 

Download the Discover Kew app for free from iTunes or Google Play - and get more from your trip to Kew and Wakehurst.

Download the Discover Kew app from Google Play

Download the Discover Kew app from iTunes

As you walk around taking in the sights, sounds and scents, your mobile device will tell you when you reach a Discovery Zone at which point, on your device, you can access extra information, such as scientific facts, historical stories and behind-the-scenes images.

You can find out about rare plant species, learn how our scientists advance our understanding of the natural world, and peek at the architecture of our most popular buildings — including the celebrated Victorian-era Palm House.

The Discovery Zone map will guide you through the Gardens, letting you pick out landmarks and attractions, as well as adding places of interest to your list.

Please note: you need to turn notifications and Bluetooth on for the app to work correctly.

Guide to the app

Our visual guide will give you a closer look at the functionality and design of the app, with screengrabs to illustrate how it works.

Watch our user video to see how the app can be used:

Bluetooth sensors

Our Discover Kew app reveals stories based on where you are in the Gardens, and makes it easier to find your way around.

It helps you look closer at your surroundings and understand why plants matter.

When you use the app, we use location aware Bluetooth sensors to identify where you are. This allows us to send you information based on what’s nearby and suggest specific plants, trees and buildings to look out for. The map shows your exact location with key attractions marked, to help you navigate through the Gardens and plan your day.

We’re adding more all the time, so be sure to give us feedback on what would interest you most.

You will need Bluetooth or location settings switched on and access to wifi (there is some in the Gardens) or 3/4G for full functionality. Please connect to Kew-Visitors wifi once you are here.