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Discover Kew App

Download our app to access maps, audio, facts, and to reveal more about your surroundings on your visit to Kew Gardens and Wakehurst.

An image of the Palm House taken from the Discover Kew App on iPhone

Discover Kew

The Discover Kew App enhances your visit and adds an extra dimension to being enveloped in our Gardens. Download the Kew App for free from iTunes to get more from your trip to Kew and Wakehurst. The link to download the app is below (Android version expected October 2015).

As you walk around taking in the sights and smells, your mobile device will tell you as you reach a Discovery Zone beacon. At each location, you'll be given more information, scientific facts, historical stories, and gorgeous images to feast your eyes on.

You'll find out about rare plant species, learn how our scientists advance our understanding of the natural world, and peek at the architecture of our most popular buildings — including the celebrated Victorian-era Palm House.

The Discovery Zone map will guide you through the Gardens, letting you pick out landmarks and attractions, as well as adding places of interest to your list.

Download the Discover Kew app

An image taken of the Discover Kew App 'Spice Stories' menu

Audio Spice Stories

Full of Spice festival — download Discover Kew App 'Spice Stories'

Summer 2015 sees Kew Gardens reveal just how Full of Spice it is with talks and activities all focused on our invaluable spices.

Cardamom, pepper, chilli, star anise, and the mighty turmuric will all be on display, and you'll get to learn about the history of the spice trade, ride a rickshaw around the Gardens while being entertained by your guide's stories about spices, and — believe it or not — stick your head inside a giant inflatable spice. 

If you've got the Discover Kew App, you'll be able to download our Full of Spice festival 'Spice Stories'. To increase your enjoyment of the festival, we have audio clips of Kew experts telling you about what you are seeing and experiencing.