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W.D. Clayton, M. Vorontsova, K.T. Harman & H. Williamson

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Cenchrus pilosus

HABIT Annual; caespitose. Culms 30–60 cm long. Leaf-sheaths keeled; smooth, or antrorsely scabrous. Ligule a fringe of hairs; 0.5–1.6 mm long. Leaf-blades 6–30 cm long; 4–11 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface glabrous; hairless except near base.

INFLORESCENCE Inflorescence a panicle.

Panicle spiciform; linear; dense (internodes 1–2.5mm); 2–13 cm long; 0.8–2.7 cm wide. Primary panicle branches accrescent to a central axis; with sessile scars on axis. Panicle axis angular; scabrous; bearing deciduous spikelet clusters.

Spikelets subtended by an involucre. Fertile spikelets sessile; 2–3 in the cluster. Involucre composed of bristles; connate into a cup below; with 2–4 mm connate; globose; 5–8 mm long; base obconical. Involucral bristles deciduous with the fertile spikelets; numerous; with an outer whorl of thinner bristles; inner bristles longer than outer; 3–6 mm long; flattened; flexible; smooth; pubescent; attenuate.

FERTILE SPIKELETS Spikelets comprising 1 basal sterile florets; 1 fertile florets; without rhachilla extension. Spikelets ovate; dorsally compressed; acuminate; 6–7 mm long; falling entire; deciduous with accessory branch structures.

GLUMES Glumes shorter than spikelet; thinner than fertile lemma. Lower glume ovate; 1–4 mm long; 0.2–0.5 length of spikelet; membranous; without keels; 1 -veined. Lower glume lateral veins absent. Lower glume apex acute. Upper glume ovate; 3–6 mm long; 0.5–0.8 length of spikelet; membranous; without keels; 3–5 -veined. Upper glume apex acute.

FLORETS Basal sterile florets barren; with palea. Lemma of lower sterile floret ovate; 4–7 mm long; 0.6–1 length of spikelet; membranous; 3–7 -veined; acute. Fertile lemma ovate; 5–7.5 mm long; coriaceous; much thinner on margins; without keel; 3 -veined. Lemma margins flat. Lemma apex obtuse. Palea coriaceous.

FLOWER Anthers 0.9–1.8 mm long.

FRUIT Caryopsis with adherent pericarp.

DISTRIBUTION North America: Mexico. South America: Mesoamericana, Caribbean, northern South America, and western South America.

NOTES Paniceae. De Lisle.

ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS Outer bristles at least twice length of body.

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