Herbarium Collections

Herbarium staff and plant family responsibilities

As an outcome from Kew's Science Strategy, the Herbarium staff is organized around three major sections: Monocotyledoneae and Dicotyledoneae Systematic Teams, and Regional Teams.

A full family list, with the name of the team responsible for each family, is available:

For a breakdown of the teams, see below:
The Keeper, is assisted by four Assistant Keepers, three responsible for one of the sections below and Chris Mills who is responsible for the Library, Art and Archives

The Systematics Section, is managed by the Assistant Keeper - Bill Baker. 

The Section is comprised of the following teams:

Commelinids – Dave Simpson, Maria Vorontsova and Martin Xanthos
Alismatids & Lilioids - Paul Wilkin, Anna Trias Blasi and Anna Haigh
Palms & Pandans – Bill Baker and Lauren Gardiner
Orchids - André Schuiteman, Renata Borosova and Ruth Bone
Lamiaceae - Gemma Bramley and Lesley Walsingham
Legumes - Gwil Lewis, Lulu Rico, Barbara MacKinder and Ruth Clark
Malpighiales – Sue Zmarzty and Gill Challen
Myrtaceae – Eve Lucas and Elizabeth Woodgyer
Rubiaceae – Aaron Davis, Sally Dawson and Nina Davies

Also managed within this section are the Botanical Artists


The Regional Section identify all incoming material from their region, and also have curatorial responsibilities for a number of selected families.  Rogier de Kok is the Assistant Keeper in charge of the five Regional teams, which are:

Africa Drylands - Iain Darbyshire, David Goyder, Tim Harris, Frances Crawford, Stuart Cable
Africa Wet Tropics - Martin Cheek, Tivvy Harvey, Xander van der Burgt, Lucia Lopez Poveda, Felix Merklinger and Lee Davies
South East Asia - Tim Utteridge, Melanie Thomas, Claire Drinkell, Marie Briggs, Charlotte Couch and Alison Moore
Tropical America - William Milliken,  Nicholas Hind,  Bente Klitgaard, Amelia Baracat, Nicki Biggs, Sara Edwards, Sue Frisby
Temperate – Shahina Ghazanfar, Sven Landrein, Jo Osborne, Renata Borosova


The Biodiversity, Information and Economic Botany Section is managed by the third Assistant Keeper, Alan Paton.  His section is comprised of the following teams:

IPNI - International Plant Name Index Christine Barker, Katherine Challis, Irina Belyaeva and Heather Lindon
GIS - Justin Moat, Susana Baena, Steve Bachman
Collections Management Unit - Elizabeth Woodgyer, Angela Bond, Lauren Phelan, Sheila Main and Keith Lyons
Herbarium Digitisation Projects - Anna Saltmarsh, Jonathan Krieger, Sarah Phillips, Marie Helene Weech, Sara Barrios
Identification Systems and Morphometrics - Don Kirkup
Mycology - Bryn Dentinger, Begona Aguirre Hudson, Heidi Doring, Martyn Ainsworth, Paul Cannon, Paul Kirk, Ester Gaya, Robert Donnelly
Economic Botany - Mark Nesbitt and Caroline Cornish