Herbarium Collections

Mycological Specimens

One of the most important reference collections of fungi in the world

Coprinus atramentarius

Over 800,000 specimens of fungi, including 35,000 original types, are housed at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - one of the oldest, largest, and most important reference collections in the world. 

From Antarctica to the tropics, fungi from every part of the globe are available for international research, making Kew a mycological Mecca for taxonomic scientists world-wide. 

Founded in 1879, the mycological herbarium incorporates the British National Collections, together with the herbaria of some of the leading names in the history of mycology - and continues to grow at the rate of three to four thousand specimens every year. 

The herbarium collections are backed by an unrivalled mycological library containing classical works, modern texts, and specialist journals. It is one of the most complete reference collections of literature on fungi to be found anywhere. 

In addition, thanks to a new suite of culture laboratories, Kew is now building up a living collection of fungi for reference and research, with particular emphasis on economically important wood-rotting species. 

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