Daniel Hanbury

  • Daniel Hanbury
  • Daniel Hanbury (1825-1875) followed the footsteps of his father Daniel Bell Hanbury into the pharmaceutical profession. He contributed extensively to the growth of the science, through his travels, research and writing. He published widely in the Transactions of the Linnean Society, the Journal of the Linnean Society, and together with Professor Friedrich Fl├╝ckiger, he wrote Pharmacographia; A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin met with in Great Britain and British India.

    Hanbury commenced his business training at the firm of Allen, Hanburys and Barry, of which his father was a partner. Here he developed a love of precision, accuracy and thoroughness that would characterise his entire life's work. He went on to receive his pharmaceutical training at the Pharmaceutical Society, where he had the opportunity to be mentored by such influential professors as Dr. Jonathan Pereira.

    Hanbury undertook many travels to study the pharmacopoeia of various regions. His travels took him as far as the Middle East with Dr. Joseph Hooker as well as all over the Continent. During his journeys he also developed considerable skill for water-colour drawing.

    He was elected a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society, and served as an examiner for many years. He also belonged to the Chemical Society and the Royal Society.

    His peers described him as first and foremost thorough and dedicated to his work. His health was not good, but he never let it impede his work. His tastes were simple and his lifestyle routine; he was driven by the pure love of his work.