Botanical Jewellery Collection Artefacts

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Cat. Number EBN Description Genus Species Donor Collector Geographic area
Cat. Number EBN Description Genus Species Donor Collector Geographic area
27 (temporary) Jatoba seed earrings Hymenaea courbaril Ruth Smith Costa Rica
34 (temporary) Sandbox tree dolphin pendant Hura crepitans Ruth Smith United States of America
41 (temporary) Doum palm necklace Hyphaene thebaica Ruth Smith Kenya
64 (temporary) Sea bean and mixed seeds necklace Mucuna fawcettii Ruth Smith Peru
71 (temporary) Lotus seed mala Nelumbo nucifera Ruth Smith India
72 (temporary) Sea bean and mixed seeds bracelet Mucuna holtonii Ruth Smith Costa Rica
78 (temporary) Necklace made of stem pieces of the banana leaf plant Strelitzia nicolai Ruth Smith Hawaii
88 (temporary) Birch bark jewellery Betula sp. Ruth Smith Russia
89 (temporary) Lucky bean necklace Afzelia quanzensis Ruth Smith Botswana
90 (temporary) Nickernut baby bracelet Caesalpinia sp. Ruth Smith Nicaragua
91 (temporary) Santalum sp. Ruth Smith Japan
92 (temporary) Strawberry guava necklace Psidium cattleianum Ruth Smith Swaziland
93 (temporary) Coffea arabica Ruth Smith Central America
29535 Ensete seed necklace Ensete gilletii Sir John Kirk Mozambique
29824 Orris root 'Issue peas' Iris florentina Walter Gardiner Switzerland
33717 Beads made from mealie meal Zea mays Dr Joseph Burtt-Davy Southern Africa
35172 Rattan seed necklace Calamus rotang James Sykes Gamble India
35596 African oil palm jewellery (Seeds, brooches and rings) Elaeis guineensis William Grant Milne Sierra Leone
37742 Brooch made from Irish bog oak Quercus sp. Lady Doneraile Ireland
41068 Congo pepper medicinal necklace Xylopia aethiopica J.J. Monterio Congo
43222 Lac necklace Ficus sp. Dr (later Sir) George King India
44419 Seeds, cutter for bead-making, and beads Omphalea diandra Consul Wyndham and Thierry MQ Suriname/Martinique
45717 Syringa seed necklace Melia azedarach Worldwide Fund for Nature South Africa
46130 Basil wood necklaces LABIATAE gratissimum Dr (later Sir) George King India
46132 Tulsi root necklaces Ocimum tenuiflorum Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant-Duff India
50410 Olive wood bracelets Olea sp. Miss Fleming Israel
50420 Rosary of olive stones and Styrax seeds Olea sp. Henry Christy Origin unknown, but possibly Mediterranean
50489 Liquid storax rosary Styrax officinale Miss A.J. Hipkins Turkey
52241 Kadam wood necklace Anthocephalus morindaefolius James Gamble India
54907 Water chestnut rosary Trapa natans var. verbanensis Sir William Turner Thiselton-Dyer Italy
55028 Brazil nut bracelet Bertholletia excelsa Charles Wilgress Anderson Guiana
55339 Blue gum rosary Eucalyptus globulus Sir Thomas Hanbury Italy
55360 Blue gum necklace and pin Eucalyptus globulus Madame B.C. Prengueber Algeria
56700 Donoburroo gum necklace Combretum sp. Dr E Clement Australia
57340 Peach stone bracelet Prunus sp. Charlotte Henslow
57417 Rosary made of rose petals Rosa sp. Mrs T. Boardman Origin unknown, but possibly Mediterranean
59054 Leucaena glauca Mr Bentham Canada
59905 Rosary pea necklace Abrus precatorius Rosemary Angel
63062 Bargua nut necklace Owenia reticulata Dr E Clement Australia
63663 Bel wood necklace Aegle marmelos John Firminger Duthie India
64596 Flax stem necklaces Linum usitatissimum India
64664 Rudraksha rosary Elaeocarpus ganitrus Edward Madden India
64700 Rudraksha charm Elaeocarpus ganitrus Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker East Indies
64981 Necklace of Dugong bones wrapped in fibre Melochia umbellata Edward Horace Man India
73774 Ininti necklace on human hair Erythrina vespertilio Sarah Edwards Australia
76105 Bangle of screw pine leaf Pandanus sp. Stefanie Klappa Papua New Guinea