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EBC 67844


Specimen Notes:
  • This tray, gathered by Quin in Japan, is covered with Tsugaru lacquer. This style of lacquerware dates back to the 17th century, when fourth generation leaders of the Tsugaru clan invited lacquer craftsman to help develop industry in the region. The clan promoted the skill of lacquering as a job for out-of-work samurai. Tsugaru lacquerware is produced primarily in the Tsugaru region, on the castle town of Hirosaki in the Western Aomori Prefecture. The style is represented by several distinctive patterns. The speckled kara-nuri includes the variations nanako-nuri, made by sprinkling plant seeds and then burnishing, and monsha-nuri, made with specks of charcoal. There is also nishiki-nuri, an arabesque and fret design. Tsugaru lacquerware is known for its beauty and high durability.
  • Record posted on March 25, 2009 and last updated March 25, 2009