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EBC 42839


Specimen Notes:
  • Source: Museum entry book 1847-55, pp203-4: The transverse plaits in these are made with the teeth. They are painted with garajure. The TururĂ­ are Artocarpaceous trees, among the loftiest in the forest. The commonest species has red bark; this white barked one called TururĂ­ morotenga. I have not seen it flower. Among the Uaupe Indians the tanga is the only article of dress, barely sufficing to hide their nether regions. It is passed under the thighs and tucked in, before and behind, under a string which passes around the loin. It is usually a rough strip of Red TururĂ­ or a piece of curana cloth of their own manufacture. What is singular is that its use is confined to men; the women (except in festas when they wear tangas of plaited beads) going entirely naked.
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