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EBC 35161


Specimen Notes:
  • Label Source: Quiver made of the leaves of Attalea sp., containing poisoned arrows for the 'gravatano' or blow-pipe made of the beard of the 'Patana' Palm, Oenocarpus Bataua Mart. Rio Pacimoni, Rio Negro. 183. Arrows of Sheathing bases of petioles.

    Source: Museum Entry Book 1847-55: Made of sipo-gambe-cima (wood not bark) and thickly smeared with resin of jutali (Hymenaea sp.). The arrows are made of the PatanĂ¡ which remaining when parenchyma decays forms a sort of beard on trunk. They are called by the Catauxi Indians, Asosaicohi and the poison with which they are smeared asinuliha. It is customary to make them up in bundles such as I send to you. When the Indian goes a hunting he takes out as many arrows as he is likely to want, anoints the points with uirare and wraps lower end with samauma cotton to the thickness of the base of Gravatano.
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