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EBC 33717


Specimen Notes:
  • Notes accompanying object: 'Sold to natives in place of glass beads. Will stand heat and moisture.'
Donation Notes:
  • Dr Joseph Burtt-Davy (1870-1940) was a British botanist, ecologist and agriculturist who founded the Pretoria National Herbarium (PRE) in 1903 and was the first Government Agronomist in the Transvaal Government. He was interested in the flora of California and South Africa and made the first study of Cycads in Transvaal, producing 'A Manual of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of the Transvaal' in 1926. Burtt-Davy was the first curator of the Forest Herbarium at Oxford University in 1924.
  • Record posted on March 28, 2009 and last updated March 28, 2009