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Corporate sponsorship

Find a powerful way to achieve your company's objectives by partnering with Kew. We have a wide range of opportunities from delivering global conservation and livelihood partnerships to on-site promotions and sponsorships.
Aerial photo of the Palm House
Aerial view of the Palm House at Kew

We have an outstanding track record of working with business and building successful partnerships across a range of sectors. We work with companies that share our commitment to the natural environment and our passion for education and for promoting biodiversity.

Why partner Kew?

  • association with a world authority on plant research and conservation
  • alignment with an internationally respected brand
  • UK membership base of over 70,000
  • around two million visitors every year to our UK sites

GSK is proud to be a long standing supporter of Kew and its plant conservation work. Our commitment the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership means that together we can address one of the major challenges facing the natural world - biodiversity loss.

Katie Pinnock, Director UK Corporate Contributions, GlaxoSmithKline

A few ways in which your company can partner with Kew
  • work with Kew's Millennium Seed Bank to support plant conservation and livelihoods around the world
  • partner a public engagement campaign on the Kew or Wakehurst sites
  • promote plant conservation to your staff and customers through our 'Adopt a Seed' appeal


To find out more call David Tatham on 020 8332 3226 or email

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Aerial photo of the Palm House
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